Episode 1 – Conversations in a Seashell

While studying I found myself extremely bored. I perused the room for something more interesting than 17th century philosophers and found a 20th century writer. Excited about not having to read tedious words I opened a copy of the collected work of F. Scott Fitzgerald and looked for my favourite story. The Offshore Pirate was about a snobby girl named Ardita wanting to find a man with courage and imagination. She found the Offshore Pirate, also known as Curtis Carlyle, who turns out to be a boy from New York, making up the story to sweep her off her feet. Off course he succeeds and after Ardita finds out, she falls in love with him even more. Fitzgerald always finds a way to leave you with the happy feelings. After reading the entire story again I was left wanting more. I really liked the character of the Offshore Pirate. He was interesting. But how interesting was the boy he turned out to be. Could he still satisfy the imagination of Ardita? While my thoughts drifted up a voice suddenly said: ‘Why don’t you ask him?’ Clearly this voice had spoken from within, but I found no reason not to listen to it. That’s exactly what I’ll do. I’m going to see the Offshore Pirate!

Not a second later did I arrive on the beach. My outfit had mysteriously changed to beach-clothing, but I didn’t really care. I was a girl on a mission. The travel to the beach turned out to be the easy part. The Offshore pirate was nowhere to be found. Bummed out I sat down on a rock near the ocean. How can I find a pirate on a beach this big? Right at that thought there was a big splash of water in front of me and I jumped up.

‘Well hello there girl. What are you doing on this deserted beach?’

‘It’s not deserted, you’re here, Ardita’s here and so are the six black men.’ The Offshore Pirate looked puzzled.

‘How do you…’

‘Know? I read the story. I know all about you being Tony and your lies to win Ardita. But it’s okay, I won’t tell her. I just want to know something.’

‘A story you say… I guess you can call this a story.’ He looked around trying to see if other things were out of place but he couldn’t find anything peculiar. ‘Who are you?’

‘My name is Polly. I’m from the real world. If it is in fact the real world… Hmm, I should think about that someday. Let’s just say I’m from a different world.’

‘Well, it’s nice to meet you, Polly from a different world.’ We shook hands. It was amazing how well we were taking all these weird events. But I guess that was part of why I liked the Offshore Pirate. He was a guy with imagination.

‘I could make a joke about Polly and the Pirate but I won’t’. He smiled mischievously. ‘You may ask your question now. You seem to know about everything, I like that.’

I smiled a broad smile and wiggled my feet like a little girl.

‘How did you and Ardita end up? Were you able to satisfy her imagination?’

‘Uhm, end up? I don’t even know if she will still like me after I tell her the truth.’

This made me think. If this is the Offshore Pirate mid-story he really doesn’t know. And that means my question can’t be answered. While pondering over my mistake, the Offshore Pirate started laughing.

‘You are a bit crazy. But for some reason I like you. Go on with your question’

‘Ok, answer this. Aren’t you afraid that if Ardita will still like you when she finds out the truth, that she will get bored? She is pretty high maintenance.’

‘I hadn’t really thought about that yet. Do you think she will be bored with me?’

‘I honestly don’t know. That’s why I came here.’

‘She can’t get bored with me… We are meant to be together. For some reason I am sure of this.’ He said this with so much determination I couldn’t do anything else than trust in his answer.

‘Mister Offshore Pirate, you have answered my question. I thank you.’ I made a deep bow which was followed by a bow from the Offshore Pirate.

‘It was nice meeting you, Miss Polly. I’m afraid I have to run off, Ardita will soon jump in to the water as well. We have been jumping off this cliff up there. It’s pretty dangerous.’ He smiled and turned around. ‘Maybe we will meet again Polly. You seem interesting. I’ll bring you some crackers next time.’ He winked at me and ran off, off to find out Ardita loved him, off to become happy. For me it was time to return to my living room. One question had been answered, there were many more to go.

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